5 Easy Steps To Scan Your Body Fat with Bello 2

Bello 2 requires five simple scans on your body: no need to worry, we'll get this done quickly and easily! 

Find a comfortable spot with the legs shoulder-width apart. Make sure the knees are bent at a 90 degree angle while sitting up straight, then take some deep breaths and relax. Now you're ready for scanning!

1. Right Arm

Place your right hand on your right knee. Place Bello 2 one-half way along the length of the biceps from the elbow joint. Press the button to start scanning; a buzzing sound will occur and the status light will become solid blue.

2. Left Arm

Following the lead on the app, move on to your left arm. Simply click on the button. Double-check that everything is as it should be in the app.

3. Right Thigh 

Use your right hand and move it down so that you can touch the outside of your knee. Place the Bello 2 device one-quarter of the way up from the knee along the outer thigh.

4. Left Thigh

Move over to the left outer thigh and press the button on your device to scan.

5. Upper Abdomen

Locate and measure one inch above your belly button. Place the Bellow 2 on this spot. Simply click the button for quick verification in-app!

By now, you should have already seen your overall scan results which include body fat percentage, visceral fat level and metabolic health index assessment all in one view. To get to your summary page, simply hit 'Confirm' at the bottom of your screen.

By scanning, tracking, and updating your progress daily, you'll be able to witness the incredible power of transformation! I wish you all the best on this exciting healthy journey.

Watch our tutorial video on Youtube for the complete instructions!



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User Manual

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