Anthony Lolli calls Bello 2 a “Game Changer”



Meet Anthony Lolli–an executive producer, a co-founder at Radical Body Transformations, and a best selling author. Anthony uses Bello 2, a “game changer” to get more accurate and consistent readings on body fat composition. He adds, normal digital scale readings are inconsistent since it uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA). This means the measurements will be different depending on the amount of water intake. Bello 2 however, uses Near Infrared Technology (NIR) to give its users consistent and accurate measurements. 

It is not just the body fat composition that Bello 2 measures. The device also measures visceral fat composition as well as its users’ risk of metabolic syndrome. 9 Block Therapy is also available on Bello app, which allows you to set your own goal and monitor the progress. 9 Block Therapy also offers tailored recommendations on workouts and recipes to target the user's fitness goal. 

For a video check out this link .

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