Ask the Expert: Aseel Soueid on bello

Ask the Expert: Aseel Soueid on bello

Fitness model and online trainer and vlogger Aseel Soueid says that "bello not only gathers analytics and data, it also measures your belly fat." In his video "What I Eat in a Day," he labels three important notes about belly fat that those who are trying to lose belly fat should know:

  1. You can't target belly fat loss
  2. Be on a calorie deficit daily
  3. Know how much body fat you have

Keeping these tips in mind will help you to maintain a proper diet and exercise in reaching your fat loss goals. 

As belly fat cannot be targeted, you must work to lose overall weight. Being on a regular calorie deficit will surely show results - just remember to eat the right foods without sacrificing your energy. 

And finally, knowing how much body fat you have to begin with will set you on the right track to losing this fat. Thankfully, bello helps you to track this belly fat by providing you accurate body composition measurements. It also comes with an app that gives you exercise and diet recommendations, helping you to maintain your healthy living.

But don't just listen to us - hear it from Aseel. Check out his video in the link below to find out more about daily diet suggestions and what bello can do for you:

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