Ask the Expert : Patrick Lyons

We asked a renowned Fitness Coach Patrick Lyons to reveal his thoughts on FITTO:

“Fitto is the first handheld muscle that literally measures exactly how much muscle mass you have, and I cannot express strongly enough how insane that is.”

“Previously to do this, you would have needed to lay on a $40,000+ machine for 6 minutes to get this level of information. But now with the implementation of near-infrared spectrometry (NIRS) in the FITTO from Olive Healthcare, you can get this information instantly from the comfort of your own home or gym at less than 1/100 the cost of a full body/muscle scanning machine.”

“FITTO also uses this data to tell you your muscle “grade”, or the percentile you fall within for overall muscle mass based on your age and gender. Given the relatively small size of my legs, I was only in the top 16% , definitely motivation to keep building though.”

“I’m all about democratizing fitness data, and the FITTO just absolutely changed the game for your ability to obtain data that was previously inaccessible.”

Thank you, Patrick.  We are deeply appreciative of your backing for Fitto! Your endorsement is a reminder of the commitment and energy we have put into helping people attain their desired fitness objectives. We appreciate you believing in us, thank you!

FITTO’s designed to help any level of fitness user hone and improve their fitness and diet routine.

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Shop now and see what data-driven training can do for you. Get fit with FITTO.

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