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We get a lot of questions about Bello 2, so we thought we'd share some of the more common ones.

If you have any questions of your own, we'd love to hear them! Check out our support page, or reach out to us!  




  1. What’s the difference between Bello 1 and Bello 2?

There's a lot to say here, but the main difference is that Bello 1 scans just the stomach region, while Bello 2 uses a five-spot body scan, for a more comprehensive analysis of your overall metabolic health.

The fat level in your abdomen area is a great indicator of how the rest of your body is doing. How your fat responds to dieting and exercise in the abdomen often represents the same kind of response throughout the rest of your body.

Bello 1 does take this into account, by cross-referencing scanned data with reliable indexed data from databases, to ensure that you’re getting a good representation of your health status.

Still, it’s very possible that fat accumulation throughout your body isn’t responding the same way to particular exercises, or your body might just be more used to accumulating an uneven level of fat around the waist.

Bello 2’s five-spot total body scan can better inform you with exact data of how your body’s metabolic health is changing. Bello 2 can also better help you adjust your exercises and diet for more effective weight loss management.




  1. I have a smart scale. Is Bello 2 better?

Yes! Smart scales only determine your overall weight and water content, before estimating your body mass index (BMI) or other statistics.

Smart scales use a method called bio-electric impedance analysis (BIA), which runs a mild electric current through your body through your feet, and the water content of your body tissue ‘impedes’ the signal in a predictable way.

This is how smart scales use your overall weight and water content to mathematically estimate your BMI and other statistics, but it’s not as accurate as Bello 2.

Bello 2 uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) to directly scan areas of your body for fat and water concentrations found in your tissue cells, for a much more accurate and useful reading! The device emits near-infrared light waves that pass through your body tissue, where fat cells and water molecules absorb the light waves at different rates, and the scanned data is then modeled based on your personal information and cross-referenced with statistical data, to further ensure accuracy.  

Simply speaking, this means your scanned results will be less erratic, and the impact of your diet and exercise routine will show much more accurately in your results. Near infrared rays are also harmless, so Bello 2 is definitely just as safe for you to use (just be sure not to stare into the scanning light).

Usually, it takes a few months, even with smart scales, to see how your body responds to a new diet or exercise regimen. But because of how NIRS works, Bello 2 can show you within several scans, let’s say over a week, just exactly what is working well, and what is not.


  1. Is there a monthly subscription fee or in-app purchases for using the app?

No, there are no in-app purchases or hidden fees! Both Bello 1 and Bello 2 include free access to the Bello app, our one-stop health solution.

Bello 2 also includes our unique 9 Block Therapy in-app program, which includes free access to thousands of popular diet and exercise resources, such as FatSecret, all included.

Try Bello 2 today, to see what it can do for you!

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