5 Covid-driven A.I. trends that are changing healthcare

Modern technology is changing the way that hospitals and medicine respond to patients’ needs. In light of this, here are 5 Covid-driven A.I. trends that are changing healthcare:

  1. Bridging the gap between virtual and in-person care: Digital health company Eko offers A.I.-powered stethoscopes along with a hand-held electrocardiogram, a test that evaluates a person's heart health. A patient can, for instance, live stream their heart and lung sounds for their doctor during a virtual visit. 

  1. Expanding lab test accessibility for patients: Remote clinical testing company Healthy.io uses computer vision, artificial intelligence, and colorimetric analysis so that patients can conduct at-home urinary tract infection tests or an annual urine test. 

  1. Driving down radiology costs: That's thanks in part to the use of A.I.-assisted computerized tomography scans, which have grown in popularity for diagnosing Covid-induced pneumonia. In collaboration with the New York School of Medicine, Facebook is working to improve MRIs and aims to create new methods to expedite the scanning process. 

  1. Picturing computer vision: Kaia Health, a digital therapeutics company in the musculoskeletal space based in both New York City and Munich, is using computer vision for motion and posture tracking, which provides patients with real-time feedback on their exercises.

  1. Deploying passive monitoring technology: One newer approach to monitoring patients is using contactless in-home monitoring systems, which can keep track of a patient's sleep activities and respiration with the help of a sensor. 

The power of technology is making strides in the way that people receive care. Such innovations will help people better understand and take care of their bodies!

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