8 signals that your body is giving you to change your eating habits


Have you ever experienced sudden weight loss or gain, the cause of which you don’t understand? Well, unexplained weight change is one of the most common signals that tell us there is something wrong with our diet. But certainly see-sawing or fluctuating weight scales is not the only way your body is giving you signals to switch your eating habits or to incorporate other foods in your diet. Here are 8 signals that your body is giving you to change your eating habits:

  1. Foul-smelling breath: This may be due to your low-carbohydrate diet and due to not eating enough food. Bad breath can be a result of a metabolic process called ketosis. When the body does not have enough glucose to produce energy, it burns the stored fat, which results in the formation of ketones, which can be responsible for bad breath.

  1. Hair loss: Are you anemic? Or running low on other vitamins and minerals? Iron produces red blood cells, which store and carry oxygen in the blood. If your body is deficient in iron you might experience hair loss and sluggishness. 

  1. Constipation: If you often feel constipated, then your body might be signaling you to drink more water. After all, dehydration is one of the most common causes of chronic constipation.

  1. Cracks at the corner of the mouth: Angular cheilitis is a common skin condition affecting the corners of your mouth. It leads to painful, cracked sores.

  1. Constant fatigue: If you feel a sudden slump in your energy levels or have a perennial feeling of sluggishness or tiredness, it is possible that you have routinely been having too much sugar. Eating a lot of complex carbohydrates can suddenly make you feel tired and low on energy.

  1. Your visit to the bathroom has increased: Dehydration can make you rush to the bathroom over and over again. Less intake of water can irritate your bladder and increase your number of trips to the bathroom.

  1. You are always in a good mood but are now constantly in a bad mood: If you are always irritated and cranky, this might be due to your unhealthy diet. Less intake of carbs can lower down your blood sugar level and eventually make you cranky.

  1. You feel cold all the time: No matter the weather, if you always feel cold, it's time to take a look at your diet. Have you checked your thyroids and your blood iron levels? Anemia, as well as hypothyroidism, can slow down metabolism, which can lead to a drop in core body temperature.

Do not take these signs lightly - if they are chronic and persistent, it’s important that you go see a doctor or reevaluate your diet. Make sure to eat regularly and eat the right foods in order to stay healthy!

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