9 Block Therapy for your Upcoming Summer Trip


Have you been trying to lose weight before your summer trip? What if there’s a one-stop solution to melt off unhealthy body fat? 

With 9 Block Therapy, you simply scan and get personal recommendations depending on the body goal you choose. Yes! You get to pick the transformation result with Bello 2’s unique feature, 9 Block Therapy. 

With Bello 2, you can design a healthy life of your own with a press of a button. With Bello, you can track your result anytime and anywhere and receive a 360 view of your vital status in seconds. All the fitness and information on nutritional intake is made available to meet your fitness goal. It’s about time you take control of your goal with FCC-certified smart device.

For more information on Bello 2, click here.

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User Manual

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