Ask The Expert: Health Coach Kait Malthaner

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Health Coach Kait Malthaner says “Avoid health risks by using Bello!”

Health Coach Kait is a certified health coach who specializes in keto diet and carnivore diet coaching. Her expert background in diets inspired her to try out our Bello product, a device that manages your visceral and abdominal fat so you can track your belly fat levels! Bello’s digital belly fat scanner accurately measures this fat on your body, helping you to make the right steps in changing your lifestyle habits to become a healthier person. 

If in excess, visceral fat can pose potential threats to your body. As visceral fat surrounds important organs in your body, having too much of it can easily cause health problems. Thus, keeping your belly fat at healthy levels through just small changes in your daily routine is important for both your physical and mental outlook. 

The digital belly fat scanner:

  • takes only 3 seconds to scan and get results
  • uses non-invasive, near-infrared light to measure fat with CT scan level accuracy
  • can be used by up to 4 people

This personal tracking device accurately measures your fat composition, unlike most other fat tracking devices! Moreover, it is safe, easy to use, and can be shared with others, thus making its effectiveness worth the cost! 

User Manual

User Manual

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