Ask the Expert: Why Ashley Wilke Recommends bello 2 Over Digital Body Scale


Ashley Wilke (@ashleywilke ig), a vegan fitness coach shines light on how helpful bello 2 is when it comes to measuring and tracking her body fat percentage. 

In her video, she compares the differences between digital body scale versus bello 2. While the digital body scale she suggested her clients to purchase up until now only provides an estimate, bello 2 provides an accurate reading of the body fat percentage. She adds, the digital scale uses water as a conductor which is why the numbers can be thrown off depending on how hydrated you are. However, bello 2’s NIR technology will provide you accurate measurement of your body fat regardless of your hydration level. 

Ashley also explains the convenience of monitoring body fat composition with bello 2. Bello 2 has its own app that can connect the device via bluetooth. And when finished scanning 5 parts of your body, all results will be “tallied up and sent straight to your phone” in a matter of seconds.

She addresses 3 important information you can get from bello 2  

  1. Accurate overall body fat percentage 
  2. Visceral fat percentage 
  3. Metabolic syndrome risk level 

Lastly she introduces 9 block therapy, an in-app technology that can set goals and monitor progress, as well as provide suitable workouts and nutrition. 

The compact design of bello 2 has made Ashley’s life easier since she travels a lot and she can bring it to keep track of her health and be on top of her goals. 

She recommends bello 2 to fitness professionals and those that are beginning their healthy living journey and are not aware of their body fat composition. 

Check out her video on instagram here:

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