Ask the Expert: Why Kait Malthaner Suggests bello 2 to Improve Metabolic Health


Health coach Kait Malthaner explains why “bello 2 is such a handy tool for anyone who wants to take control of their metabolic health”. In her video “Can You Have Metabolic Syndrome Without Being Overweight?” She explains the importance of being aware of your visceral fat percentage to prevent metabolic syndrome. 

Kait speaks about 2 different body fat– subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat, located outside the abdominal wall is the fat we can pinch, whereas visceral fat is formed around internal organs. She also addresses how visceral fat storage can produce inflammatory markers that trigger chronic diseases. 


Visceral fat is hard to measure since it is hard to touch. For slimmer people, it is definitely hard to know how much visceral fat cannot be. However, with bello 2, Kait thinks users can benefit from being able to scan and measure their body composition in 5 different areas, including the visceral fat level, which is the hidden fat surrounding your abdominal organs. 


Kait mentions how bello 2 allows users to scan and measure their body composition and helps people strategize different exercise routines and diets in order to detect and prevent metabolic syndrome even if you’re “skinny fat”.

To learn more, check out Coach Kait’s video here:

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