Olive's Gym: Back Fat Reducing Exercises

Lower back fat can be persistent and difficult to get rid of. If you’re used to moving forward or sidewards in any exercise, but not backwards, that might be the problem. Jogging is pretty good for burning lower back fat at first, but after a certain point, it tends to stick around. When this happens, it's a good idea to do exercises that force the lower back to move more.

Here are some back fat burning routines:


  1. Warm-up: Rotating toe touches

This exercise is best completed at a moderate and even pace. Make sure to keep your upper body still so you really work your hips and stretch your hamstrings. Keep your feet planted and your lower back loose, so that you really keep your hips moving. Count in threes and repeat twelve times to complete the warmup.


  1. Superman

This exercise helps strengthen the trunk, which gets your lower back and hips moving backwards. This also helps you gain flexibility and balance, as well as helping you reduce lower back pains as well as fat. Make sure to keep your arms and legs straight and level while lifting your body.

Hold for two to five seconds and lower back down to complete one repetition. Complete three sets of twelve reps for this exercise.


  1. Reverse fly

It’s easier to injure yourself with this exercise, so make sure to use a moderate weight of dumbbells, ten to fifteen pounds. If you’re not sure what is good for your strength, start low, five to ten pounds. When you lift your arms, make sure that they’re at shoulder height, straight, facing outwards. Lift them steadily, without rushing, and hold them for one second. Lower your arms steadily until your arms are straight and resting. When you’re used to the motion, make sure to keep good form and repeat.

Keeping your hips steady through this exercise will help you grow core stability and help work the lower back. Repeat this for twelve repetitions for one set. Complete three sets for this exercise.


These three exercises are sure to help you reduce back fat, but another way to speed it up is to change your diet! Try using bello 2 to see how your lower back responds to these exercises!


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