Expert fitness coach Laura Micetich on Bello 2's measurement accuracy


Expert personal trainer and nutritionist, Laura Micetich shares her thoughts on Bello 2. 

Laura is also a transformation specialist, meaning she specializes in body transformation. This means she runs into clients that are wanting to change. To measure the progress, accurate measurement is critical in her program. 

Laura praises Bello 2’s accuracy in measuring the body fat percentage. She says that this “at home body scanner” accurately measures total body fat, visceral fat and risk of metabolic syndrome thanks to its near infrared technology. 

She also states that, as a coach and an athlete, measuring success is important to her as opposed to merely looking at the numbers on the scale. As a result, comparing body fat percentage has never been easier with Bello 2 and now anyone can easily get access to those measurements with a few scans with this tool. 

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