Fitness Expert Michelle shares her thoughts on Bello 2



Michelle Madrigal, a fitness trainer shares her experience on using Bello 2. She explains that Bello 2 is compact and handy and she highly recommends it to anyone starting their health journey because Bello 2 has all the tools you need.

Bello 2 definitely plays a huge role in jump starting your fitness journey. The device is compact enough to keep it in your gym bag. It only takes a few seconds to complete scanning 5 different spots of your body. The app then tells you your whole body fat composition, visceral fat percentage and risk level to metabolic syndrome.

 The 9 Block Therapy feature, which is an exclusive feature on Bello app can guide you through your transformation with workout and nutrition advice. Bello app is available on both App Store and Google Play, can be synced to your Apple Health and Google Fit to seamlessly supercharge your journey. 

To check out her video click here.

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