For Better Health, Try Fitness From the Inside Out



Tara Parker-Pope is a columnist that covers health, behavior and relationships. According to Tara, inner fitness is exercising our energy on our mental health and emotional well-being rather than telling yourself off over your diet, weight or not getting enough exercise. Inner fitness includes mindful practices like meditation techniques, a gratitude routine, and etc. 

This inside-out approach to health can ultimately bring positive changes to your physical well-being as well. Studies have found that mindfulness can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, induce healthier eating habits and alleviate chronic pain. 

Give yourself a break. 

How often do you berate yourself for perceived failures, like not losing weight? Self-compassion starts with asking yourself–what do I need right now? 

Be generous. OurGenorosity benefits our bodies and minds in many ways.

Pay attention. Good things do happen especially when we pay attention. “Affect labeling” is a way to identify your feelings by naming them. This can result in calmness in your brain and reduce stress. 

Find your calm. Does anxiety take over you often? Find out how you can quiet your mind and soothe that anxious feeling. For example you can consider brushing your teeth or sipping on a morning cup of coffee as mindful moments in your day to day activities.

Give yourself the best hours of the day. What time of the day do you feel your best? When do you feel most energetic or productive? Give yourself that one to two hour everyday.

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