More tips for summer bod– 5 exercises to tone your midsection


It’s time for juicy summer body tips! 

Try these 5 exercises to effectively burn the fat surrounding your midsection, and track every step of your improvements with Bello 2. 

We all know losing abdominal fat is one of the most challenging parts of your fitness goal. Excess abdominal fat can also be dangerous due to its strong links with metabolic syndrome,  type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more. Check out the 5 abdominal exercises our team suggests to tone your midsection: 

  1. Burpees 
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Russian Twists
  4. Treadmill Sprints – HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training
  5. Walking 

Try incorporating these 5 exercises into your workout routine, and see how your body improves. Instead of obsessing over the numbers on your digital scale, scan with Bello 2 to see the changes you made through following these exercises. 

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