Olive's Gym: Want to Spice Up your Workout?


It can be frustrating when you’re working out and not seeing results. But you shouldn’t get discouraged. Apart from needing patience to see the change, diet, sleep and stress levels are also factors that can affect your weight loss journey. And perhaps, spicing up your workout can help you want healthier meals and better sleep which will naturally destress you. 

Your fitness journey should not be a walk in the park. To see results, you must challenge yourself and keep making changes to your routine. One of the challenges you can take on is to try something new, like circuit training. 

Here are the exercises that work multiple muscle groups that Olive's Healthcare highly recommends: 

  1. Side plank squeeze
  2. Shoulder Taps
  3. Up Next Butterfly Sit Ups
  4. High Flutter Kick
  5. Plant Hip Twist

Would you like to learn more new exercises? Find out more on bello app.

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