What are some proven ways to reduce visceral fat?

What are some proven ways to reduce visceral fat?

It’s the first month of the new year, so there’s still time to start prioritizing your health in your daily routines if you haven’t already. One of the biggest reasons as to why you may not see results in your body very quickly is because of visceral fat. Visceral fat can often be hard to get rid of as it clings to your abdominal organs and isn't always externally visible either. To help you out, we have listed some proven ways you can reduce your visceral fat and start your weight loss journey!

  1. Focus on Weight Loss: The easiest way to reduce visceral fat is to lose weight. An obesity medicine specialist with the Cleveland Clinic says that just "by losing 10% of your body weight, you may lose up to 30% of your body fat." You can’t target fat loss or on your body, so losing weight as a whole will help in this process. The two go hand in hand, making it easier for you to accomplish your health goals! 

  1. Employ a Healthy Diet: Incorporating added sugar and simple carbohydrates into your diet will make you gain belly fat quickly. So take junk food out of your diet and start eating fruits and vegetables, along with foods that are high in lean protein. It’s also important to consume the right amount of food for your body - eating in excess will only bring in unnecessary calories and build up visceral fat. 

  1. Exercise: Dieting alone won't reduce belly fat. Being physically active is also crucial to your health. Make sure not to overdo your workouts - moderate physical activity, combined with strength training, is enough to do the trick. Even just taking simple walks everyday is better than doing nothing at all. If you exercise regularly on top of eating healthily, you are sure to burn belly fat and reduce your overall weight.

So don't be discouraged - just focus on these three tips and watch as the belly fat melts off of your body. And, by using bello, incorporating these tips into your life can be made so much easier! As we said, visceral fat isn’t always externally apparent, so if you want a consistent and accurate way of measuring this part of your body composition, bello’s belly fat tracking device is a great place to start. Check out bello today!

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