Strength-training Exercises to stay healthy this summer

We need to be more cautious every summer because we can sweat easily and get burned out throughout the day. Which is why it’s important to optimize our health by working out consistently, eating nutritionally balanced food, and keeping ourselves hydrated. 

Here are some helpful strength training exercises so you can stay healthy this summer.  

 1)Plank to Downward Dog 

Begin in Plank and transition to Downward-Facing Dog. While in Downward Dog, lift your right hand and reach back to touch your left toe. Repeat on the opposite side. Go back into Plank 5 reps per side. 

2)Mountain climbers 

From your plank position, Keep your shoulders in line with your wrists: To truly work your core and your arms,  From there, you can pull your knees into your chest. 20 times * 3 set

3)Standing Toes Touch 

Start standing with your feet hip-distance apart.Swing your right leg up and touch your left hand to your right toes. Keep your chest up! 60sec.each side

4)Side steps 

Stand with legs together.Step to the side with your right foot, bending both knees to assume a small squat position as the foot lands on the floor.Straighten your knees while bringing your right foot back to center. Repeat in the opposite direction.

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