The best time of day to exercise: Morning? Or Night?

What time do you usually exercise? Day or night? It really depends, but the best time of the day is when you can do it consistently for days, weeks, and months. If your only time of day to exercise is before work, then morning is best. If you reserve physical activity for packed evenings, there's a good chance you won't ever get to it. Likewise, if you can only squash 20 minutes of exercise into your day right before you get ready for bed, that's the best time to work out.

Morning exercise can help you set up your fitness routine, make you more productive, help you burn more fat, improve your fitness cycle, and also boost your mood throughout the day. However, there is a disadvantage - morning warm-ups can be prolonged due to a lack of fuel during the morning. It also may interrupt deep sleep and disable you from reaching your peak physical performance.

On the other hand, evening exercise can help you release stress and might help replace bad habits like snacking, drinking, smoking, or watching too much TV. Additionally, it may take you a shorter time to warm up, your physical performance might improve, and hormones are on your side, which helps you gain muscle more efficiently. The downside of this workout time is it might interfere with your sleep and cause problems with consistency. 

But remember, the right time for you to exercise is not about how many calories you burn or how much weight you gain. It’s about what works best for you and allows you to keep to your exercise routine consistently. This will allow you to see results in your body.

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