Three Health Issues Doctors are Seeing More of Due to COVID-19

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Three Health Issues Doctors are Seeing More of Due to COVID-19

The stress, isolation, and disruption of our routines during the COVID-19 pandemic have taken their toll on many of us, leading to an increase in related health problems ranging from weight gain to back pain.

Doctors identify the top three health issues as a result of the pandemic to be 1. Obesity 2. Heart conditions 3. Back and neck pain

Obesity: Working from home has sabotaged previous efforts to eat healthy and exercise regularly. After all, working from home allows for easier access to food and takes away the motivation to be involved in physical activity. This situation may also have caused people to turn to food as a source of comfort during a time of isolation. It’s easy to get addicted to carbs and greasy foods, but eating a larger variety of foods that incorporate greens and healthy fats will help you to feel better in the long run. 

Heart conditions: One doctor notes that "stress has direct physiologic consequences for the cardiovascular system. Especially with the pandemic limiting our social interactions, stress can be compounded, which, combined with sedentary behavior and unhealthy eating, can increase risks of cardiovascular health problems." In order to reduce your chances of getting heart disease, it's important to be physically active and incorporate healthy foods into your diet. Don’t let the pandemic be an excuse for you to lounge around all day! It’s okay to start simple - even just going outside and taking a walk can be beneficial to your body.

Back and neck pain: Back and neck pain have always been a common issue among adults, but they are continuously on the rise after so many people switched to working from home. Having to sit in a chair all day with little to no incentive to get up, walk around, or interact with others has proven to be detrimental to people’s health. So remember, even if you are working from home, take regular breaks and move around from time to time to keep your muscles active. Sit in comfortable positions, and do stretches that will alleviate the stress and stiffness from your neck and back. 

Thankfully, despite all of these issues you may be facing, Bello is here to help you out. The Bello app provides you with diet and exercise recommendations and routines that will help you to keep yourself accountable in eating right and staying physically active. With daily reminders and data logs to help you track your progress, you will feel motivated and encouraged to start new. Don’t let the pandemic pull you down! Instead, use Bello to take charge of your own life.

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