Trying to lose weight? Focus less on physical size and more on managing fat content

A new study suggests that greater body fat leads to an increased risk for cancers of the digestive system. Researchers found that fat mass is the main obesity-related risk factor for cancers, and obesity influences certain cancer types but not others.


Dr. Amy Mason, a statistician at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care in the University of Cambridge, said: “The key message to the public should focus less on physical size, which people can often do little about, and more on managing the amount of fat that they carry.” You can do this by eating the right foods and exercising regularly. This will enable a healthier body composition; after all, numbers on a scale don’t tell you as much as the measurements of your actual fat and muscle content. Thus, stay away from too much sugar and other carbs that are detrimental to your health and don’t provide you the lasting energy you need. Stay on a high protein diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, focus on hydration, and concentrate on an exercise routine that works for you. Remember that slow progress is still progress.


Thankfully, with bello, a unique fat scanning device, you can check and track your body fat content in order to keep up a healthy lifestyle. The bello app gives you recommendations to track this lifestyle, keeping you accountable for your healthy habits. Check out bello on the Olive Healthcare website today!

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