What is 9 Block Therapy?


9 Block Therapy is here to help. 

Olive Healthcare is always striving to provide convenient ways to reach health and fitness goals. 9 Block Therapy is one of the helpful features found on Bello 2 app. After scanning your body fat composition, the app will show what body type you are within the 9 blocks. Then, it will let you choose which body type you want to achieve. Once you choose the goal body type, you will receive fitness and dietary recommendations to achieve the goal. 

In other words, scan, get assessed on 9BT, then manage goals. 

Check out the 5 simple steps below for your reference: 

  1. Simple 5 spot scan of your body composition
  2. Find out what kind of body type you are.
  3. Set goals (what kind of body type do you want to become?)
  4. Get personalized recipes & exercise everyday.
  5. Begin your health journey. 

Check out more details on 9 Block Therapy and other features on Bello 2 here.

User Manual

User Manual

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