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I feel healthier, but I haven't lost weight over several months. Is there a problem with my diet?

Those are good signs, so I wouldn’t change anything about your diet, just yet! It’s difficult to tell with just weight as a measurement. Slimming down is good, but your scale isn't telling you enough!


Weight loss progress tends to plateau, so relying only on a scale can be misinforming or discouraging. First, you’ll lose a lot of ‘water weight’, and very quickly at that. This weight is mostly in your subcutaneous fat, and so you’ll often see that slimming down feels easy at first. 

This is why body weight tends to fluctuate, on average, by almost ten pounds from day to night. You’ll be eating at least 2-3 pounds of food on a daily basis, and drinking another two pounds of liquids, and losing most of it by the next morning.

You’re likely at the point where you’ve lost most of your ‘water weight’, and your weight loss progress will have slowed down quite a bit. Losing one or two pounds per week at this point is great progress, but it may require you to diet much more intensively. So, it's important to know how the fat inside your body is changing first! 


There are two main types of fat, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous means “underneath the skin”. It’s the fat that you can feel resting on top of your muscles. This fat responds well to exercise and dieting. 

Visceral fat, on the other hand, lines your inner organs, and so it’s more difficult to see in a mirror, not to mention burning it off. Losing visceral fat can feel life-changing, quite literally. Visceral fat protects your inner organs, so you’ll always need some, but losing a large amount will mean that your metabolism will have changed radically, so I don’t think your body has begun metabolizing any of that fat, just yet. Anyhow, it’s very unlikely that you have more visceral fat mass than subcutaneous fat.

If you’re unsure of what’s changing in your body as a result of a particular diet, remember that the benefits of dieting can take months to show results on a scale.


With Bello 2, you'll be able to see how your body fat % and visceral fat level is changing subtly after every meal, every night and day. You’ll be able to see the progress you’re actually making, much more reliably than a scale could show you. These insights can help you understand your weight loss progress more accurately, which can guide how to adjust your routine within days!


If you have any questions of your own, we'd love to hear them!

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