Stop Weighing, Start Scanning


Research shows that the more decisions you make in the day, the more fatigued you will be, and the more likely you will be to make negatively impacting decisions as the day continues.

Dieting and exercise certainly can help anyone concerned with their health, but the results, at first, are often irregular and discouraging, leading to physical exhaustion and the accumulation of stress.

You might be familiar with how stress from work can lead to missing scheduled workouts or high-fat meal choices like fried or fast foods. But it might be standing on a scale in the morning that sparks that initial trigger, pushing you into taking an extra cheat day.

What’s wrong with a scale? 

Scales tell an incomplete story about your health. You might be diligent in tracking your weight every day, or even twice a day, but overall, the change in your mass on a day-to-day basis can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. 

From morning to night, the adult human body can lose or gain up to five to ten pounds, depending on a person’s diet and exercise activity. So, while your weight might understandably vary, you’re having to complete a lot of guesswork to understand why, each day.

So, for a long time, doctors have recommended regular weighing times (e.g., only right before breakfast, or only at night), to get regular readings that can be consistently meaningful to the health-conscious individual. Long story short, we’ve always known that scales aren’t the most accurate way to measure our health.  

Finding out, before breakfast, that you’ve put on a few extra pounds because you were really thirsty during a heat wave, might just be the kind of frustration that you don’t need to start your day. Now, there’s a better way to manage your health and fitness progress: Bello 2.

How is Bello 2 different?

Although Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology was first developed around the early 90’s, most applications of this technology have been developed for use only by medical professionals.

Bello 2 uses eight discrete near-infrared wavelengths to complete a spectroscopic analysis of your cells, directly measuring your cells for blood oxygenation levels, water content, and lipid content. These electromagnetic waves scatter through your body tissue, directly quantifying the cellular content of your body tissue. 

The advantage of NIRS technology is that it is very accurate in measuring chromophores (hemoglobin, lipids, and other similar molecules), and it is non-invasive and non-radioactive. For instance, the best-known NIRS medical device is the pulse oximeter, which measures the blood oxygenation levels, used mostly in hospitals. 

Thanks to recent developments in light source technology, we’ve designed Bello 2 to weigh only 0.21 pounds! Bello 2 is the world’s first personal device, FCC approved safe for personal use at home, that can measure your cells for oxygenation levels, water and fat content, without the aid of a medical professional. 

Don’t wait for your next annual check up! Knowing how your body composition is affected by your habits can give you better insights to optimize your day-to-day. 

Your time spent on your health should matter. Learn more about how Bello 2 can help.

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User Manual

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