Diamond Level, Liam’s Review on Bello 2



Did you know…?

If you reach DIAMOND LEVEL, you could get a more personalized report exclusively made for you!

Liam was getting concerned because of his deteriorating health due to his recent weight gain. He began his health journey with Bello 2 on August 18th, 2021, and now he’s reached the Diamond Level on Bello 2. 

“My midsection kept getting bigger from sitting down for many hours for work everyday. I needed a change. I chose Bello to kickstart my health journey. I started with scanning Bello 2 instead of getting on a digital scale”. 

According to Liam, Bello 2 showed & allowed him to track the data on his body fat percentage, including the visceral fat percentage which is one of his highest concerns since it’s hidden in plain sight. 

Bello app also provided recommendations on workouts and recipes which helped encourage Liam to be consistent at my Health Journey. 

“I feel like I’m receiving a professional consultation and personalized reports with Bello 2.

Now that I’ve gotten my health back with Bello 2, I can see this device being my permanent personal health and diet consultant.” 

We hope Liam keeps tracking his data and receives more benefits from Bello 2 so he can keep improving his health! 

Here’s what data Diamond Level on Bello 2 receives access to: 

*DIAMOND LEVEL Personalized Report Data*

  1. Visceral Fat Level Measurements
  2. Body Fat Measurements 
  3. Weight / Wasteside Measurments 
  4. Body transformations via 9-Block Therapy (eg. obese to overweight to average)
  5. Changes in Metabolic Health Index (eg. Unhealthy to Modreate to Good)

User Manual

User Manual

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