Fitness Trainer, Sunny Lee calls Bello 2 a small but powerful device to analyze fat


Fitness Trainer, Sunny Lee shared some feedback on Bello 2. She calls the device a “small but powerful device to analyze fat”. Sunny compares Bello 2 to a digital scale, and points out that the numbers on digital scale are inaccurate compared to measurements on Bello 2, depending on your sodium and water intake. 

With Bello 2, one can measure their body fat percentage any time of the day with just 5 scans. The app connected to this portable device informs on the measurements of her body fat, BMR, and recommended meals and workouts. It also shows your risk level for metabolic syndrome. She also mentions the 9 Block Therapy, a feature developed exclusively by Olive Healthcare helps you set goals and manage the progress. She calls Bello 2 a “game-changer”. 

Check out this link to find out what Sunny, a professional trainer has to say about Bello 2.

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