From Plateau to Progress: How FITTO Helped These Users Overcome Fitness Challenges


Are you feeling stuck in your fitness journey? We've all been there. Sometimes it seems like no matter how hard we work out, we just can't seem to make progress. But don't give up hope just yet. Today, we want to introduce you to some real success stories from our ambassadors who have achieved their fitness goals with the help of FITTO. These users were once in your shoes - feeling frustrated and unsure of how to break through their plateau. But with FITTO, they were able to make progress, push past their limits, and ultimately achieve success. Let their inspiring stories motivate and inspire you to take your own fitness journey to the next level.

#1 Josiah's story

Josiah, the first-place of 3rd round of FITTO challenge winner, showed the most remarkable progress during the challenge program.

Plus, on December 10, Josiah successfully accomplished his initial goal of transforming himself from being heavyset to a standard muscular in 9 Block Therapy!

Here’s what Josiah said:

“Ending the month higher than I was at the beginning and ending six months of rowing with a level of strength in my legs I am confident with. It's really nice to have this data to show that I'm making improvements there. I would say this is a really helpful tool to add extra context to the weights one sees on the scale every day. Some valuable metrics.”

#2 Zach's story

Zach was looking for a way to track his muscle mass and make sure he was building strength and power along with his cardio. That's where FITTO came in.
And boy, did he ever. After just one month of tracking his performance with FITTO, Zach saw incredible improvements in his muscle mass. In fact, almost all of the 9 pounds he gained were lean mass - a huge accomplishment!

Zach also mentioned that progress may not always be linear. He experienced ups and downs along the way but overall saw more progress than setbacks. Look at his muscle grade graph below!

Here is what Zach said:

“FITTO has helped me understand that progress is not purely linear.  I have experienced ups and downs along the way, but overall more progress than setbacks. Being able to scan as frequently as I please has allowed me to follow my trends with a new level of accuracy that I have never had access to.  Following a consistent routine and the FITTO recommended caloric intake is one of the reasons I had so much success. Consistency is key.


#3 Anthony's story

Anthony was the first-place winner of our challenge program and a personal coach with a passion for fitness. He was worried about losing the muscle he has worked so hard to build while losing fat, but with FITTO, he could maintain his muscle level by programming his proper weight loss plan.


Here is what Anthony said: 

Lastly, as a fitness professional, I would recommend this to any level of fitness enthusiast as it has a lot of features that will help you stay consistent, motivated, and on track. As I've used the fitto daily over the last month I can't be more impressed”.

“This app and device has helped me to lock in my nutrition, rest, and properly program my current weightloss plan. This has helped me lose about 12 lbs with the last 28 days without sacrificing the hard earned muscle I have worked for over the last few years. So I would say the Fitto has helped me to reach my current health and fitness goals for sure and I look forward to using it to help continue that journey.”


We hope that our ambassadors' stories have inspired you to keep pushing toward your own goals. Remember, fitness is a journey, not a destination, and every step you take towards your goals is worth celebrating. Let’s keep up the great work!

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