Here's what our longtime users say about bello

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared any content about Bello, but since we first launched it, our longtime users have really pushed themselves forward on their health journeys! 

Metabolic Syndrome risk is a widespread health concern, and being able to personally measure your body fat can help you take control of your health, for the better.  


Here's what our longtime users say about bello:


"I wanted to be able to keep tabs on my health, knowing full well that visceral fat can tell a lot about my health. Bello has taught me to monitor my stats on a daily basis. My favorite feature is how easy it is to measure my belly fat! It's definitely kept me accountable to working on staying healthy.” 

- Nini


"I chose Bello because there was nothing out there like it, and I work in the health and wellness field. It’s incredible how minimal the gain/loss of fat can be, and this scanner still picks up the small subtleties. Bello has changed my daily routine, allowing me to see the differences. Just that alone is motivation enough to change my life. I absolutely love this gadget."

- Amanda


"I chose Bello because I wanted something more accurate than my body fat scales. My favorite aspect is its portability and speed. I am able to quickly measure from any location at any time. I have been able to incorporate it into my morning post-gym routine. It’s much more convenient than my body fat scales. It helps me understand how I'm doing every week, and whether I should change anything."

- Daniel


"I chose Bello because it was the best, most affordable option I could find to accurately track my health. I have been using it for a full year, I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. Every day, I am motivated to work out and complete my body scan, so I can see the numbers gradually change. Love it!”

- Andrew 

Thank you all for using and supporting bello! Try bello today to see what it can do for you!


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