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While genetic influence is an important influencer of how easy it is for you to get rid of belly fat, there are many ways you can overcome this factor just by making small changes in your life! These include -

Good posture and movement

Avoid sitting for long periods of time and stay active when you can. Much of good posture is related to your spine - the spine has three important curves at your neck, mid back, and lower back. It’s important that you maintain these curves instead of strain or increase them past its natural figure.


Try not to eat more than your body needs, and make sure to maintain a healthy and inclusive diet! Incorporate as many greens as you can in what you eat on a daily basis. Overeating can lead to emotional and mental stress as well – regularly eating too much is also a difficult cycle to break, so try to balance out your diet.

Stress Relief

Although it may be easier in theory than in practice, try to find ways to avoid being stressed. Do activities that you enjoy and remind yourself that it’s okay to take breaks from your work from time to time. Some signs that you are stressed include headaches, acne, chronic pain, and decreased energy. Another way to relieve this stress is to get enough sleep and, most importantly, prioritize your health.

Family Health Management

Your physical and mental wellbeing is also impacted by those around you. Work to incorporate healthy living habits in your entire family so that you maintain your health goals together. This way, there will be better accountability. Try changing your diets together or participating in fun physical activities as a family to accommodate to this new  and healthy lifestyle.

    In Conclusion

    With Bello, you will be able to manage your healthy lifestyle. It will motivate you to be physically active - tracking your belly fat levels to make sure that your daily habits correlate with the numbers you see on the device!

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