The science behind bello & Fitto: accuracy, beyond bio-impedance analysis

There's a lot of science that goes behind why bello is such an acclaimed belly fat tracking device. It's accuracy has virtually no competitors, guaranteeing trustworthy measurements every time. Most devices that measure body composition use a technology called Smart BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis). However, these devices do not actually measure body composition, but only measure impedance of the torso, arms, and legs. This is done to simply predict, but not accurately read, the composition of your body. On the other hand, bello's NIR technology directly measures total hemoglobin concentration, oxygen saturation in capillaries and water, and lipid in the tissues of interest, which overcomes the limitations of BIA technology and analyzes body composition more accurately by minimizing other interferences. 

Because of the device's incredible measurement accuracy, you will always receive consistent, quantitative results. This way, there’s no need to doubt whether it can help you in meeting your health goals!

User Manual

User Manual

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