Uncover the secret of you muscle II : Muscle Grade

Ever wondered where you stand in terms of muscle mass compared to others? Compare yourself by gender and age with our Average Muscle Mass chart - it's time to find out!

The below Average Muscle Mass chart provides an accurate representation of the average muscle mass in adults. It shows the average percentage of body fat, lean muscle mass and total body water for both men and women across a range of ages.

Muscle mass percentage averages for men

Age 18–35 : 40–44 %

Age 36-55 :  36-40%

Age 56-75 : 32-35%

Age 76-85 :  <30%

Muscle mass percentage averages for women

Age 18–35 : 31–33%

Age 36-55: 29-31%

Age 56-75 : 27-30%

Age 76-85:  <25%

(source : www.healthline.com)

When you measure your muscle mass against the data available, it's easy to determine where you stand in terms of overall fitness. We call this "Muscle grade".

"Muscle grade" is a great resource for anyone aiming to monitor their progress or comprehend how they measure up against the competition. It illustrates your muscle mass status in comparison with everyone else on a percentile basis, so you can have insight into where you stand at all times.

Fitto is here to provide you with precise muscle mass measurements and muscle grade!

With FITTO, you can uncover  your very own muscle 'grade', or the percentile of your overall muscle mass from the quick scanning of 5 body parts!  

If you score a 5th percentile result, that means you are one of the top five strongest within your group! To keep up with this amazing progress, there will be an exclusive badge displayed on your app for extra motivation.

With the help of Fitto, you can now access key information about your muscle grade and use this data to make more informed decisions regarding your health and fitness goals.

So why wait? Uncover what's in store for you today by using Fitto.

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