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When assessing strength, we habitually look at the size of someone’s muscles. It is easy to assume that those with bulging biceps must be able to lift heavy weights; however, this assumption overlooks a crucial factor: muscle quality. Even two people who appear equally muscular may have vastly different levels of strength – and within one person there can still exist discrepancies from limb-to-limb. 

Muscle quality is the measure of how efficient your muscles are at producing power. Although it is not as widely discussed as muscle mass, it can be just as important for your body's overall performance and safety. With a good understanding of this concept, you can evaluate your strength beyond appearances and make sure that you are well-equipped to tackle any activity that life throws at you.

Muscles are not made up of only muscles, but muscle tissue and adipose tissue are distributed together. The healthier and better developed your muscles, the higher  your muscle-to-fat ratio and the greater your strength and performance of your functions. The higher your muscle-to-fat ratio (meaning lower fat content) is, the leaner your muscles are, and the better they perform in strength or endurance exercises.

Higher quality muscle tends to be more efficient in oxygen consumption as well, so your muscle quality index also includes your blood oxygenation levels, as a key indicator of quality.  Generally, those who are young and active tend to have strong muscles whereas older individuals or people without enough physical activity may demonstrate signs of deterioration.

Nevertheless, you can effortlessly determine any problems with FITTO. FITTO  measurements show this muscle-to-fat ratio as a quantitative indicator by scale of  1-10 scale. This revolutionary product measures muscle quality giving you the wisdom that is necessary for training at its peak efficiency.

Receive real-time information on how well (or not) your body is functioning so that you can guarantee optimal wellbeing - it’s never been easier or faster.

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