What Does the Bello Measure?

belly fat diagram

Visceral Fat Level 

Visceral Fat Level: This represents your visceral fat. Based on your measurement information, we present a personalized cutoff point. A rating highter than the cut-off point indicates that you have a greater risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome compared with people in similar age and gender group, requiring immediate lifestyle changes. Monitor your visceral fat to ensure it stays within 0-4.5

Subcutaneous Fat Level

Subcutaneous Fat Level : This represents your Subcutaneous Fat. The subcutaneous fat level scores the amount of your abdominal subcutaneous fat compared to the average amount of the same gender. A level above 5 is greater than the average, while a level below 5  is less than the average.

Belly Fat (%)

Belly Fat % : Bello accurately measures the abdominal fat density within a certain depth. The abdomen is usually the part of the body that stores the most fat. Therefore, abdominal fat(%) is measured to be about 2-4 times higher than body fat(%). The fat distribution can vary depending on an individual's  

User Manual

User Manual

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