What Fitto 30-Day Challenge participants have to share

It's been a truly remarkable month for our Fitto challengers! Through sharing their progress on the Fitto Facebook community, participants have achieved some incredible results. These are the stories that Fitto challengers have to share.

“It's really nice to have this data to show that I'm making improvements there. I would say this is a really helpful tool to add extra context to the weights one sees on the scale every day. Some valuable metrics.” - Josiah Albertsen

“One of the important things I discovered while using FITTO was the muscular imbalance with my arms” - Joe Nicolas

“Starting my new journey for a fitter, healthier body. Day 1: workout and scan complete! It’s interesting to see that I’m a right hand person, but I always believed that my strongest side was the left. The data confirms my suspicion. I’ll have to do extra reps on the right side to even things out!” - Armandina Ramirez

"Final Scan of the Fitto Challenge, overall it seems to have been successful 30 days. I seem to have put on between about 2-2.5kg of muscle according to my last 2 scans. My strength seems to be matching this muscle as my maxes in squat, deadlift and bench have all being going up. I was planning on stopping bulking around about 93 kg but Fitto has made me much more confident that I can continue to gain muscle at a decent pace without a massive fat increase so I think I might bulk up a bit bigger.” - Ruaidhri Murphy

Many thanks to all the challengers for their hard work and dedication - we truly appreciate the progress they have made!

It's so inspiring to see this kind of success, and it's something that we can all learn from. If you're looking to start a Fitto challenge, be sure to Join the Fitto Facebook Community - there are plenty of tips, tricks and motivation from fellow challengers.  

Good luck, challengers!       

Visit our Facebook group : Get fit with FITTO, so you can join us next time when more thrilling challenges await.

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