30 Day FITTO Challenge– and the winner is…!


Congratulations!! 1st place winner – David Reece ($2,000)  2nd place winner – Ivan Lasek ($1,000)

Our first ever 30 Day FITTO Challenge was a huge success!  We had a huge pool of contestants and we had an amazing opportunity to have some fitness lovers out there. During these 30 days, our participants monitored their progress in improving and managing their muscular body composition with FITTO and its app. Some of the features that participants enjoyed were:

  1. A simple chart on the app that shows where you can spot muscle imbalances in your body.
  2. Data that shows your muscle strength grade compared to others in your age & gender group. 
  3. How it only took a few seconds to find out details that other digital scales cannot inform you

Many added that FITTO has become a staple and a routine for fitness life.


We were all ears! We are truly grateful to have had such amazing contestants that put in the hard work for 4 weeks. We made sure to stay connected with our contestants throughout the 30 Day challenge period via surveys. 

Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received from our participants on their experience on the 30 Day FITTO Challenge. 

“I enjoyed every day! As a lover of health and fitness it gave me another view to focus on. As an ex-athlete, the competitive side is still drilled inside of me so this was good too have that come out of me again to try and win this challenge.” – David Reece

“I really enjoyed the challenge, it pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. If you have more challenges in the future, please feel free to send an invite my way.” – Ivan Lasek 

“I really enjoyed it. I would have loved to have given it more a crack but coming in just after COVID and getting grade 2 injuries to my feet slowed me down. But I do feel that the FITTO helped me stay motivated.” – Michael Cragie

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