Bello on Air: What Our CEO Has to Say About Bello

Bello on Air: What Our CEO Has to Say About Bello

Olive Healthcare’s very own CEO, Sungho Han, had a guest appearance on The Darriel Roy Show to share about the benefits of Bello and how it can ultimately change your life. 

First, Sungho explains the scientific aspects of what Bello is working to identify and combat in contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Bello measures the subcutaneous and visceral fat composition of your body. These are two types of fat that, in excess, can have detrimental effects to your body, thus encouraging the necessity of losing weight.

Second, the interview segues into what the Bello device actually does and how this can be helpful to users. Through using infrared technology, this belly fat scanning device safely and accurately measures your body composition - a new and innovative technique that is more precise than other fat scanning devices in the market. 

By utilizing the Bello device and the diet and exercise recommendations it has to offer through the Bello app, this technology can help people determine their metabolic health and keep them on track in first identifying, then maintaining, a healthy lifestyle.

To hear the full interview and learn more about the in-depth structure, function, and overall purpose of Bello, click the link below.

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