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We’re very sorry! Our FITTO INDIEGOGO campaign is facing a short delay, and will not begin on 9/13. We thank you for your continued patience and support. We’ll be announcing when our new campaign will begin shortly! Stay tuned!



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FITTO is our newest device that measures and analyzes specific muscle groups, by areas of interest, for lean mass and quality development. For the first time, you can now personally track your muscle development, without help from medical fitness professionals.

Optimize your progress anytime, anywhere:

Scan by Areas of Interest: Scan your muscles with extraordinary ease and accuracy to determine your lean muscle mass and muscle quality, by individual muscle groups. Female users can scan up to 13 muscle groups, while male users can scan up to 15 spots. 

Your Assessment: Review your scanned results to analyze your muscle groups. See where you might make improvements in performance. Compare your muscular health to your age and gender group (based on national statistics provided by NHANES).

9 Block Therapy: Decide how to focus your exercises to shape your ideal body. Receive personalized recommendations for exercises and diet recipes. 

FITTO is a one-stop body shape solution. Shaping your body might take grueling workout routines and intensive dieting, which can be stressful. 

Over time, you might notice some common problems in obtaining and maintaining top fitness levels, such as plateauing responses to exercises in lean muscle mass growth, compromising your fitness goals. Not sure of the problem? 

Use FITTO to scan your body after exercise to see how effective your routine is for your body. Optimize your routines and recoveries, and push your body to the next level.

Fitness time is your time. GET FIT WITH FITTO.

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User Manual

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