Sneak Preview: 30-Day FITTO Challenge Winners Share their Experience with FITTO!


FITTO is our newest device, geared for high-performance. While our Bello line focuses on helping people reduce their body fat for metabolic health, FITTO is designed to help you improve and maintain your fitness and overall muscular health.

While FITTO isn’t available for purchase just yet, our brand ambassadors undertook our 30-Day FITTO Challenge, where participants designed their own routines, set their goals, and posted their FITTO results for the duration of the challenge.

Congratulations to our winners, David Reece and Ivan Lasek! Here’s what they have to say about their experience with FITTO:

First Place - David Reece:

“Rather than just a scale weight you have a clear idea of weak points on your body, and by how much in comparison to other body parts, which is great as you can work and watch yourself improve, rather than second guessing by the image your brain paints of yourself in the mirror.”

“Now it’s part of my routine. I think it’s a great tool for any advanced gym user. If you’re using the gym for specific goals, follow a nutrition and training plan, then I think FITTO is the perfect addition.” 

“It’s portable, small and takes a very small amount of time to use with some great details. The comparison side is great, to see progress or a regression, it lets you know where you stand with your body’s goals.”


Second Place - Ivan Lasek: 

"I’ve tried many different types of scanners in my fitness career, some good and some not so good. The devices that were good stuck with me throughout my journey and are used as an integral part of my success.”

“I’m pleased to say that the FITTO scanner will be one of those devices. It allows me to track my progress easily and effortlessly anywhere I am. My key points and takeaways:

  • Very portable
  • Results are reliable and seem consistent compared side by side with similar devices
  • Device is user friendly; the app is simple and easy to use
  • Great for daily accountability: the ability to track results improves motivation and consistency
  • All of my clients have agreed to allow me to use this as part of their training plan.” 

The official FITTO launch is coming soon this Fall! Subscribe on the FITTO site for our pre-launch updates, including access to our Super Early Bird deal (40% off, while supplies last!) on Indiegogo.

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