FITTO: Preorders Opening Now!

To celebrate the official launch of FITTO, we're holding a special Preorder Event! FITTO will be arriving to our online store very soon, and 

Take $30 off when you preorder your FITTO with the code: PRE30. Available only while supplies last, so reserve yours now, to make sure you get yours when they launch.

FITTO. Data-Driven Training:

  1.     Track your muscle mass by muscle group.

Scan and measure your body after exercise to see how your muscles individually respond to your regimen, day by day.

  1.     Track your muscle quality improvements.

Muscle quality is strongly determined by your muscle-to-fat ratio. Keep track of how efficiently your muscles perform with an objective index scale, session to session.

  1.     Data-based goal setting.

Push your limits by method, not just willpower. Set fitness goals based on your personal data. Reliable steps to push your performance to the next level.

  1.     Hone your routine for optimal results.

Receive personalized recommendations for exercises, diet recipes and plans, for effective feedback on how your body responds to different nutrition and exercise strategies.

  1.     See how you compare to your peers.

Compare your muscle grade to your age and gender group. Earn challenge badges and grow your confidence in athletic performance.

FITTO is focused on optimizing your fitness performance, from macronutrient intake goals to guidance for exercises. It provides personalized recommendations designed to help users at any level of physical fitness. 

Your readings will help you to adjust your routine, so that you can reach peak fitness, right when you mean to. Try using FITTO to track how your body responds after every workout! 

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User Manual

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