Good Health and Fitness, Lifetime Gifts That Keep Giving

Good health isn't just something you can give, so we made the next best thing!

Our devices use our breakthrough NIRS technology for a new, cost-effective approach to personal health and fitness tracking and management. Health and fitness management can be as simple as jogging regularly to as complex as maintaining recovery cycles on regular schedule. Here’s how our devices can help:


Bello 2

Bello 2 uses a 5-spot scan to determine your body fat composition. Excess and unhealthy body fat is responsible for chronic and potentially fatal series of illnesses described by Metabolic Syndrome (MS). These illnesses include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and more.

Visceral fat sits around your inner organs, underneath and in between your muscles, so it’s difficult to see, and even more difficult to measure. Bello 2’s scans help the device determine your risk for MS, based on your personal information, since visceral fat levels are an indicator for risk and a cause for MS symptoms.

Being able to track your visceral fat level and body fat percentage is also a more reliable way to measure weight loss progress! Unlike your BMI, your fat percentage is a more direct statistic that changes based on your exercise or diet. Muscle gains can often hide fat loss on the scale, so tracking just your fat composition provides a more accurate reflection of healthy weight loss progress!

Bello 2: a one-stop health solution.



Scan and track up to 15 muscle groups for your lean muscle mass and quality. You'll be able to see how your muscle mass changes by areas of interest. Compare your biceps, trunk, and legs for balance in mass, and receive recommended exercise and diet adjustments to help you build a fit, balanced body!

FITTO can optimize your dieting and exercise time to maximize the benefit of the time you invest in yourself. Whether you have to be match fit, game ready, or you’re just ready to push forward, getting to peak fitness shouldn’t take guesswork.

Experience what a data-driven training can do for you. Get fit with FITTO.


Here’s one reason to get yourself or a loved one an early gift: Bello 2 or FITTO can help you schedule your recovery/high-calorie days around the holidays, so you can feast without guilt…

Happy Holidays from Olive Healthcare!

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User Manual

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