IFA 2022 Berlin: Olive Healthcare Invited to Exhibit Bello 2 and FITTO


Olive Healthcare has been officially invited to exhibit our Bello 2 and FITTO devices at IFA 2022! 

With participation from over 2000 brands from 50 countries, IFA is one of the top three electronics and information technology exhibition forums, along with CES Las Vegas and MWC Barcelona, setting industry trends worldwide. 

Our Bello and FITTO devices use breakthrough Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology, thanks in part to recent development in lighting technology. Using up to eight discrete near-infrared wavelengths, our devices are capable of directly measuring chromophores found in body tissue, such as lipids and water cells.  

Our devices are considered to be legitimate disruptors in the personal smart device and healthcare industry, as they provide unprecedented accuracy in scanning for personal health metrics, such as your visceral fat level or lean muscle mass percentages.

Previously, people had to undergo CT-scans, DEXA scans, or MRIs in order to obtain specific information about their body fat composition or muscle compositions, which is not only very costly, but also requires operation of equipment by medical professionals in specific facilities. 


Comparatively, our devices are affordable and safe for personal use! Near infrared rays are non-radioactive, which means that our devices are FCC-approved for personal use, without the assistance of a medical professional.  

We're very proud to be featured at IFA! Our exhibit will be open for five (5) days, from 9/2 - 9/6. If you happen to be in Berlin, please come visit our booth!

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