Excited for new bello?

Excited for new bello products?

Olive Healthcare is excited to present to you our updated bello line, consisting of bello 1 and bello 2, which is the new and advanced Next-Gen bello! 

bello 2 is a groundbreaking scanner that measures your total body fat and metabolism. It scans your body fat, visceral fat, and BMR index. It also measures your visceral and subcutaneous fat levels so that you can maintain a healthy weight and fat loss. bello 2 includes a measurement of whole body fat composition + metabolic index and 9 Block Therapy, a cutting-edge health program. While bello 1 is only able to read your belly fat levels, bello 2 can measure all types of body fat by using its unique 5 spot scanning system. It is 15% lighter in weight than bello 1, uses 9BT, and is more reliable by an increased 12.6%. Additionally, bello 2’s CDC NHANES model specifically helps to improve the measurement reliability of the device. 

And now, bello 2 is having its biggest sale on Indiegogo. If you are a super early bird, you can get 50% off a bello 2 device or 55% off for two devices. Don’t miss this special sale or your chance to be a super early bird.

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