Meet bello Premium and Fitto

Meet bello Premium and Fitto

Meet bello Premium and Fitto at CES 2022! We are showcasing our products from 1/5 - 1/8, so mark your calendars! 


bello Premium is a groundbreaking scanner that measures your total body fat and metabolism. It scans your body fat, visceral fat, and BMR index. While bello Basic is only able to read your belly fat levels, Premium can measure all types of body fat by using its unique 5 spot scanning system. Thus, it can even measure your visceral and subcutaneous fat levels so that you can maintain healthy weight and fat loss. Additionally, bello Premium’s NHANES model specifically helps to improve the measurement reliability of the device. Its credibility is provided by the CDC, the largest health institution in the United States. 

On the other hand, Fitto is an innovative device that measures an accurate read of different muscle groups by quality, grade, and mass with infrared technology. It specifically shows you the total or segmented portions of your lean muscle mass. With Fitto, you can achieve the muscle shape you want through customizing your muscle index measurements. This device allows you to find your muscle grade and compare it to common grades in your age and gender demographic. Fitto makes this possible by taking pictures of your muscle composition and customizing it in relation to your muscle quality. And, while bello Premium is equipped with a 5 spot body fat scanner given your overall body fat, Fitto is capable of scanning up to 15 parts. It can further develop the muscles of the desired area as well as provide more accurate descriptions of your muscle index. The key point of this device is that it helps you to develop more muscles in the area that you want and compares how strong your muscles are compared to others in your demographic. 


Both products come with 9 Block Therapy, a personalized app tailored to suit your nutrition & fitness needs based on your readings. With this program, check your status regarding your scan results. Based on your position, set a goal where you can choose the most suitable way for you to pursue a healthy diet. Customize these goals on your own, depending on your conditions and preferences. Also, get recipe and exercise recommendations according to your goal settings. 

In summary, Bello predicts the risk index for metabolic syndrome risk factors, and Fitto can compare how muscle grades compare to similar gender and age groups. Try these devices out to maintain your ideal body shape with customizable goals. Providing suggestions on exercise and diet routines, bello and Fitto allow you to focus on your health journey without any distractions. So start your journey to a new healthy lifestyle. Make sure to check out our products!

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