More Real Reviews from the 30-Day FITTO Challenge


Our latest device, FITTO, focuses on improving muscle quality, which is mostly determined by how lean and efficient your muscles are.

FITTO may seem daunting to use, and our challengers certainly do make it seem so, but we assure you, it’s designed for everyone! FITTO is well-suited for anyone at any fitness level, interested in improving their muscle health, general fitness, and peak performance .

Here are some reviews from our 30-Day FITTO Challenge about what the device offers and how it has helped our brand ambassadors reach their respective goals:


"Eye-opening! I have injuries in the left side and that limits my progressive overload. Loving how FITTO is able to track the difference between my left and right sides."

- Ebube Njemanze


"The device itself is easy to use, and I love knowing how much muscle I have!"

- Lori Broer


"It’s really nice to see muscular improvements following a workout. Quite different from trusting a scale. Really nice to see muscular improvements following a workout."

- Adam Dastrup


"Seeing that line go up day to day is extremely motivating and gratifying. FITTO helped me actually improve myself."

- Michael Craigie


"FITTO increased my awareness of certain parts of my body. Very easy to scan, and the data is presented really clearly in the app."

- Peter Thompson

Are you up for taking on our 30-Day FITTO Challenge? The third round begins in November!

Sign up for Early Access, take up to 50% OFF of FITTO, and get your $1 Challenge Ticket today! Only on Indiegogo.

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