Next-Gen bello is Now on Indiegogo (1/4~)

Next-Gen bello is Now on Indiegogo

Meet bello Premium on Indiegogo!


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site that supports entrepreneurs and businesses. With a collaboration between Indiegogo and bello, we expand our platforms to bring you a new and improved bello.


If you are a super early bird, you can get 50% off a bello Premium device or 55% off for two devices - a great deal to start your new year.


bello Premium is a groundbreaking scanner that measures your total body fat and metabolism. It scans your body fat, visceral fat, and BMR index. It also measures your visceral and subcutaneous fat levels so that you can maintain a healthy weight and fat loss. bello Premium includes a measurement of whole body fat composition + metabolic index and 9 Block Therapy, a cutting-edge health program.


Additionally, bello Premium’s NHANES model specifically helps to improve the measurement reliability of the device. Its credibility is provided by the CDC, the largest health institution in the United States. 

You don't want to miss these features, so check it out on Indiegogo!


You can buy here now 1/4 👇

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