Our Second 30-Day FITTO Challenge Concludes!


It’s been a rough month for us, just reading about the workouts our challengers have been undergoing for training! Just kidding! 

Their exercise regimens and progress have been nothing short of inspirational! More than just breaking limits and barriers, we’re really amazed at how they used FITTO to improve the impact of their diet and exercise routines, in just one month. 

Congratulations to the winners, Anthony Ross and Asa Lopatin! We salute all of our challengers for their endurance, focus, and achievements this past month!

Here are some of our favorite highlights:

Anthony Ross (Power Through Purpose) - 1st Place - $2000

FITTO has helped me to lock in my nutrition, rest, and properly program my current weight loss plan. This has helped me lose about 12 lbs in the last 28 days without sacrificing the hard-earned muscle I have worked for over the last few years.” 

As a fitness professional, I would recommend this to any level of fitness enthusiast as it has a lot of features that will help you stay consistent, motivated, and on track.”

Asa Lopatin - 2nd Place - $1000

“What I like about the FITTO scans is that they seem more reflective of the work that I am putting in as opposed to water retention or other things outside of my control that may impact the reading on the scale.”



We’re very proud of our winners and  participants, and we hope that FITTO can help you gain greater insight about your routines and habits. 

Got what it takes to be our next winner? The next round of the 30-Day FITTO Challenge begins this November! Details are in the link below on how to get your $1 Challenge Ticket, only available through Indiegogo.

FITTO Early Access is now available on Indiegogo! (Super Early Bird Deal: 40% OFF!)

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