Real Reviews for FITTO from our 30-Day Challenge!


If you haven’t seen it on social media, we recently hosted our second round of the 30-Day FITTO Challenge! 

The 30-Day FITTO Challenge focuses on consistency and habit-building, instead of strength and speed performance. Although FITTO is geared for high-performance athletes, the priority focus for using FITTO is about gaining consistent progress. 

So, we asked our participants to set their own initial goals, and for thirty days, they trained and held themselves accountable to diet plans. They also scanned their muscle groups regularly after each exercise session and shared their experience in tracking their progress with FITTO.

Here are some of their reviews:

"FITTO is small, sleek, and ultra-portable, which means you can monitor on the go. Now I can scan as much as I want, which is monumental." - Zach Morel

"It will give you a muscle quality assessment. Then use that data to place you into a 9 Block Therapy section where you can then use this information to set goals." - Anthony Ross

"One of the clearest benefits I’ve seen participating in this challenge is the mindfulness and accountability that come with tracking habits with a goal in mind." - Asa Lopatin  

"I try to keep a better balance using FITTO scans and the FITTO app. I like that I can fit my training plan easily and more efficiently." - Stoian Andreea Loredana  

"The #FITTO device has been an important part of my fitness journey this month and the fact that I get to see my progress in numbers is a motivation."  -Dayo Shittu  

We’re very proud of our participants, and we hope that they find their experiences helpful! 

Although FITTO is geared for high-performance fitness, it’s also well-suited for anyone, at any age or fitness level, interested in improving and maintaining their muscle health. 

Learn more about FITTO and be the first to find out about our pre-launch updates:

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User Manual

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