30 Day Challenge with FITTO

Experience more with FITTO 


What can I do with FITTO?

Manage and balance your muscle mass and quality through the FITTO scan results.

You can monitor your lean mass (muscle mass) and compare it with your total body fat percentage, as well as determine the muscle quality of each part of your body. 


No more guessing games, when you can get accurate data with FITTO.

  • Prizes: 1st place $2,000 / 2nd $1,000 
  • Application period: June 6th ~ June 26th
  • Program period: In August


What should I do for the '30 days FITTO Challenge'?

  • For 30 days, scan your muscles using FITTO (3+ times  a week)
  • Design your workout routine by parts to see your muscle quality growing based on our program. 
  • Upload your scan results during the challenge and a full review after a month.
  • Post your progress on your social media. 
  • When you finish your challenge, the grand prize can be all yours!


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User Manual

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