9 Block Therapy

*This program only works for Bello 2 & Fitto

Introducing the unique health program, 9 Block Therapy. Bello Premium & Fitto comes with a special body shape and wellness program.

9 Block Theraphy
  • Check your health status with more accurate scan results.
  • Based on your health, set nutrition goals for the most suitable diet for you.
  • Customize your own fitness goals, depending on your health conditions and diet preferences.
  • Get healthy recipes and exercise recommendations according to the goals that you set.

A Program Personalized For Your Body

The program analyzes your health and body shape based on your body measurements. 

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In-App Goal Setting

Then you can set your own health goals through the app.
Bello2 & Fitto is truly a customer-tailored service-based health management device.
With the 9 Block Therapy platform, it’ll classify your health condition and body type.

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A Diet & Exercise Plan, Tailored to You

Depending on your goals, the program will find and deliver an optimal diet and exercise regimen to you.

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Access the World's Largest Dietary Resource, Free!

You can enjoy the world's largest diet program, Fatsecret, for free.
And it gives you an individually optimized lifestyle recommendation.

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User Manual

User Manual

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